Bespoke Investment Management


We manage all charity investment portfolios on an individual basis.

We start by understanding your charity’s investment requirements. Your portfolio is built on the unique objectives and requirements of your charity; we seek to act with a full understanding of your aspirations and your circumstances; communications are delivered when and how you want them.

The outline of asset allocation will consider:

  • Income and growth needs
  • Time horizons / Duration
  • Risk management
  • Social and ethical preferences
  • An agreed benchmark.

We look after the day-to-day management of each portfolio on a discretionary basis. Due to increasing pressure for charities to deliver their stated aims, the income that your investments generate can be crucial. Our investment managers can help you find a balance between preserving your charity’s capital, generating enough income to grow and being prepared to mitigate unforeseen circumstances.

Your investment portfolio will need to adapt to the changing circumstances of your charity and of the external economic environment. In finding the most appropriate solutions for your charity, your investment manager can access global investment opportunities and apply a flexible approach to managing your portfolio to suit your specific needs. Once an investment strategy is agreed we will set about developing a suitable asset allocation that may include:

  • Australian and Global direct equities
  • Australian and Global fixed income
  • Alternative investments
  • Real assets