Fully Outsourced Solution


At Giles Wade, we provide an end-to-end service (directly and via our specialist legal and audit partners). Furthermore, we work with you by creating, administering and operating your charitable foundation, as well as providing expert granting and investment management. It is a hand in glove approach to ensure alignment between you, the recipients and us with a common goal of maximising the community and social benefits of your donation.

Our services are all-inclusive and include establishing, operating and maintaining your philanthropic fund as outlined below:

  • Strategy Design and Formulation – good planning leads to orderly execution and fulfillment of goals.
  • Legal Structure – establishment of a legal structure e.g. charitable trust. This may require its own trust deed, trustee/s and Australian Taxation Office (ATO) approval for tax concessions. We project manage this complex and administratively intensive process in consultation with you.
  • Choosing beneficiaries – assist in identifying, screening and engaging beneficiaries with you that are eligible Australian charities with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status.
  • Managing your trust – a dedicated Giles Wade Director and team works with you and the Fund with respect to managing the compliance (tax) and administration functions of the Fund. This is an all-inclusive service whereby all components of operating and maintaining your fund are managed on your behalf. We have a comprehensive checklist to ensure every part of the fund remains compliant.
  • Trustee Responsibilities – ensure Trustees discharge their responsibilities by acting responsibly across the areas of legal, operational and functional (i.e. decision making).
  • Making Grants – provide information on DGR projects and charities that align with your interests as well as implement and review. We have an extensive network in a wide range of areas namely medical research, education, indigenous, underprivileged children, and the environment.
  • Growing Your Trust – you provide advice and facilitation with respect to donating to your Trust at any time. You may also direct a bequest to your Trust in your Will if it is established in perpetuity.
  • Asset Management – the trustees must have a documented investment strategy that takes into account the ‘prudent person’ principle. Also, we provide investment management services specific to not for profit, foundations and charitable trusts.

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