Institutional Clients


Giles Wade’s Institutional Asset Management business provides investment management and advisory services to institutional clients and financial intermediaries.
We offer a full range of domestic and international solutions:

• Equities
• Fixed income
• Multi-asset
• Alternative strategies

Our primary objective is to meet investor demands with attractive risk-adjusted investment returns across market environments while employing rigorous investment and operational risk management practices.
We achieve positive outcomes for our clients by leveraging the following competitive advantages:

Investment Expertise

Our investment professionals possess comprehensive knowledge of a wide variety of investment approaches, industries, sectors, security types and regional economies.
This capability is further enhanced by leveraging the resources of our alliance partner – Bonhote Bank Switzerland.

Cooperative Investment Approach

Our business model is designed to cultivate investment opportunities, foster the sharing of expertise based around a team-oriented approach. This structure allows the investment team to access the firm’s broader intellectual capital and network of relationships to gain unique perspectives on markets, industries and companies.
We know that integrating our intellectual capital and networks into the investment process creates a significant “investment edge” for clients.

Rigorous Investment & Operational Risk Management

Investment risk management and capital preservation are important elements of our investment approach. We also recognise that in increasingly complex investment markets, operational deficiencies may also pose significant risks to clients. Critically, our business is underpinned by a robust operational platform managed and supported by highly-qualified professionals in trading, operations, client service, reporting and compliance.

Alignment of Interest

We seek to minimise conflicts of interest which are common to asset management organisations. Since our investment team and key executives are shareholders in the business, our clients can expect total alignment between their objectives and ours.