Strategic Investment Advice and Management


Giles Wade offers strategic investment advice and management. With a dedicated team of investment professionals and support staff, we are ideally placed to offer individual portfolios to meet each client’s needs. Giles Wade values capital preservation that is underpinned by high quality assets, strong tax efficient income and governance framework.

The following core principles underpin everything we do:

  • Investing is embedded in common sense.
  • Simplicity, transparency and liquidity.
  • Capital preservation and risk management.
  • Advice must be independent and demonstrably conflict free.
  • Fees must be commercial and clear.
  • Regular, proactive and effective communication.
  • A thorough understanding of the complex tax, fiduciary and governance environment.

Asset Management

“Boutique approach, global solutions”

The strategies we employ are disciplined and aim to deliver superior investment returns in a risk controlled and consistent manner:

  • Recommending a strategic asset allocation,
  • Diversifying both across and within asset classes; and,
  • Focusing on high quality listed and unlisted assets that are complementary.

The Giles Wade Investment Committee only selects high quality and investment grade assets such as equities, fixed income, property and cash or equivalents which are directly acquired via a regulated stock exchange or institutional Over the Counter – OTC market. Primarily we have a direct (non-unitised / non managed fund) model whereby clients have direct beneficial ownership and control with respect to tax optimisation, liquidity, transparency and ethical screening.

It is only selectively where we introduce bespoke investment products and services, targeting niche areas of the financial services market where clients do not currently have many choices, including hedge funds, private equity, commodities and real estate.